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As you close in on the final chapter or paragraphs of your story, ask yourself why the reader has dedicated this kind of time. What are they expecting to get out of your story, especially at the end?

They’re primarily looking for three different things…


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Intro * The Beginning * Vital Whispers * Story Building * Groundbreaking Stories * Your Sanctuary * Expectations * Foreshadowing * Suspended Disbelief * CWHO * Character * Wanted * However * Ongoing * The Plot Skeleton * Keeping the Reader’s Interest * Suspense * Arcs and the Plot * Supporting Characters * The Three Parts of Writing * Who’s Showing the Story? * Narrative Voice * Hooks * Crafting Sentences and Paragraphs * Descriptions * Dialogue * Show Don’t Tell * Flowing Choreography * Characterizing * Metaphors * Nonfiction * Commas * Making Your Writing Soulful * Driving Your Story Forward * Setting Tempo * The Payoff * Self-Editing Your Work * Final Thoughts
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