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“The Craft of Writing is the most comprehensive class on the market today. Christopher Hawke guides the writer from story concept to the finished product in an entertaining and inspiring fashion.”
—V. S. Alexander
Author of The Magdalen Girls and The Taster

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Intro * The Beginning * Vital Whispers * Story Building * Groundbreaking Stories * Your Sanctuary * Expectations * Foreshadowing * Suspended Disbelief * CWHO * Character * Wanted * However * Ongoing * The Plot Skeleton * Keeping the Reader’s Interest * Suspense * Arcs and the Plot * Supporting Characters * The Three Parts of Writing * Who’s Showing the Story? * Narrative Voice * Hooks * Crafting Sentences and Paragraphs * Descriptions * Dialogue * Show Don’t Tell * Flowing Choreography * Characterizing * Metaphors * Nonfiction * Commas * Making Your Writing Soulful * Driving Your Story Forward * Setting Tempo * The Payoff * Self-Editing Your Work * Final Thoughts