If you’ve ever thought selling your books should be easier…
…you’re right!

Meet Momentum.

He’s ready to do the marketing work for you.


By far the best advertising deal out there.
I’m finally selling books again!
—Roger Strafford, Austin, TX
★ ★ ★ ★ ★


My book sales and Kindle page
reads increased 80%!
—Patrice Wilton, Ormond Beach, FL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★


…a huge time savings.
No more frustrating marketing classes.
—Stephanie Reynolds, Portland, ME
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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Want marketing that really works?

Get round-the-clock Amazon ad management with The Momentum Advertising Service.

Need even more profitable ads?

Momentum will create thousands of ads for you in multiple countries without you having to lift a finger.

Enroll up to 10 of your titles for only $99 a month (and a one-time $99 set up fee) and get back to the business of writing.

Schedule a FREE Zoom meeting with a consultant below and find out how Momentum can help you reach your advertising goals


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Ready to have Momentum start creating and managing your ads today?

Unfortunately, in order to maintain a high quality of service for our clients, Momentum only has a limited number of openings available. While we would love to help every author, we reserve the right to work only with those who we believe we can help the most.

As many as you want!

While one Momentum subscription allows you to advertise up to 10 of your titles (in any single genre) in multiple countries, you are welcome to have as many Momentum subscriptions (and advertise as many titles) as you want.

If you have less than 10 books in your bibliography, the easy answer is: all of them.

If you have more than 10 books, you will want to weigh whether or not your book is part of a series, whether the title is enrolled in Kindle Unlimited (and what the Kindle Edition Normalized Page Count (KENPC)) is. Boxed sets generally work well with Momentum, especially if they’re in Kindle Unlimited.

While it can sometimes take up to a few weeks to see results, most authors will experience an increase in both book sales and Kindle Edition Normalized Pages reads (for those enrolled in Kindle Unlimited) in a matter of days.

Because there are a wide range of factors that determine the success of a book, including cover design, description quality, the level of reviews, and market timing, authors can expect an equally wide range of returns on their advertising investment.

We have seen profits on titles managed by Momentum that range anywhere from 35% to 90%.

Yes. Momentum can create and manage campaigns in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

We have seen lackluster results while advertising in France, Italy, Germany, and Spain, so we do not market in these countries at this time. As Amazon brings more marketplaces online, we will too.

Yes. With an additional Momentum subscription, you can add up to 10 more titles from your bibliography at any time.

If you have an active subscription and we are currently advertising less than 10 of your titles, you can also add more titles.

While you can add up to 10 titles from your bibliography at any time, once these slots are filled, we will be unable to change your book selection. Removal of titles from the system will often require a new subscription.

There’s a reason we’re called Community Authors. We’d rather have a partnership than a transaction. We don’t charge exorbitant fees because your success is our success. We want you to tell your friends what a great deal you’re getting because that’s the best marketing there is.

Not at all. Rest assured, Momentum will be hard at work both creating your ads and keeping them running at peak performance.

For only $99 a month (and a one-time $99 set up fee), The Momentum Advertising Service will market up to 10 of your titles (in any single genre) in multiple countries.

With an additional subscription, you can add more genres and titles whenever you want.

Yes. While we highly recommend you allow ads under a new subscription to run for at least three months, you are free to cancel at any time.

Momentum both creates and manages Custom Text and Standard Sponsored Products ads utilizing product associations and keywords. Momentum also creates and manages both Category and Automatic ads.

While Momentum will attempt to manage ads existing on your account before you subscribed, as a general rule we recommend you not expect this to be the case.

Often it may be best to “Archive” the ads running under your account before subscribing. If you have well preforming ads you would like to keep once your subscription starts, please reach out to us about these campaigns.

Contact us with any other questions you may have, and we’ll get back with you as soon as we can.

* While Publisher Rocket is a great product and we would let you know about it anyway, we do receive affiliate compensation if you purchase it using the link above, because…why not?!

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