Community Authors’ Advertising Service

If you’ve ever thought selling your books should be easier…
…you’re right!

Enjoy writing again while Community Authors does the marketing work for you…


By far the best advertising deal out there.
I’m finally selling books again!
—Roger Strafford, Austin, TX
★ ★ ★ ★ ★


…a huge time savings.
No more frustrating marketing classes.
—Stephanie Reynolds, Portland, ME
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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How to get started

Once you sign up, we’ll email you instructions on how to send us a link to your book on

What the service costs

Community Authors will market all of your titles in a single genre for $49.99 a month. If you’re not entirely satisfied, you can cancel at any time.

Unfortunately, in order to maintain a high quality of service for our clients, Community Authors’ Advertising Service only has a limited number of openings available. While we would love to help every author, we reserve the right to work only with those who we believe we can help the most.

Generally, you should choose books from your bibliography to be advertised that have the highest Kindle Edition Normalized Page Count (KENPC). These titles may include boxed sets. For those of you with series, we also recommend marketing at least the first book in the series.

While it can sometimes take up to a couple weeks to see results, most authors will experience an increase in both book sales and Kindle Edition Normalized Pages (KENP) reads within the first week of using Community Authors’ Advertising Service.

Because there are a wide range of factors that determine the success of a book, including cover design, description quality, and market timing, authors can expect an equally wide range of returns on their investment.
We have seen net profits on titles we have managed ranging anywhere from 35% to 90%.

You can continuously market as many of your approved titles as you want.

Yes. By default, (upon acceptance into the program) our advertising specialists will create and manage ads for you in the United States, United Kingdom. Germany, Canada, and Australia. We have not seen great success while advertising in France, Italy, and Spain, so we do not market in these countries at this time.

Once you have enrolled your book(s), we will be unable to change your book selection. You can, however, sign up with a new title from your bibliography at any time.

Yes, you can add additional titles from your bibliography at any time.

We’d rather have a partnership than a transaction. Community Authors doesn’t require a large upfront fee because your success is our success. We want you to tell your friends what a great deal you’re getting because that’s the best marketing there is.

Not at all. Rest assured, your ads will keep running and our specialists will continue to perform maintenance to keep your ads running at peak performance unless you cancel your renewal.

After a one-time $300 setup fee, our clients are charged $150 a month.

Please contact us if you have any further questions, and we’ll get back with you as soon as we can.

Want to do it on your own?

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